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Antenatal follow up
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

We offer a comprehensive antenatal follow up of low and high risk pregnancies (those complicated by diabetes, hypertension, growth restriction etc.).

Normal and instrumental delivery
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

Our doctors can assist you with normal and all types of instrumental deliveries.

We will make sure to discuss with you the birth plan along with all the “pros” and “cons”.

Cesarean delivery
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

Even if your pregnancy course is very smooth the delivery may end up by cesarean section.

Some c-sections are planned to ensure the safest delivery of your baby in case of any pre-existing complication (breech presentation, placenta previa, previous c-section).

You can count on our expertise in primary and repeat (difficult) cesarean sections. You can also be sure that surgery will be offered only if absolutely required.

Cervical assessment
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

Your pregnancy may be complicated by the incompetence of the cervix (“weak cervix”) that can lead to premature labour.

At Femiclinic we perform cervical assessment with transvaginal approach

If your cervix is found to be shortened you will be offered appropriate treatment.

Cervical cerclage pessary
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

Sometimes it is necessary to perform certain procedures to prevent premature delivery.

For many years gynecologists offered “cervical cerclage” – a special stitch placed on the cervix under general anaesthesia.

In our clinic we can offer you a less invasive method using the so-called “cervical pessary” – special device inserted into vagina that keeps the cervix locked until the delivery.

This is done in the office without need for stitches or an anaesthetic.

Chorionic villus sampling
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) is the procedure done in early pregnancy to determine the number and structure of fetal chromosomes.

It is indicated in case of suspicion of chromosomal abnormality or for some other genetic testing.

We perform trans-abdominal CVS using a specially designed for this needles.

Apart from the regular karyotype (done in 14-21 days) we offer FISH study allowing early preliminary result in just 5 days.

Samples are sent to one of our affiliated laboratories for testing.

Femiclinic medical center Dubai

If you your baby is suspected of being at high risk of Down syndrome or needs an invasive diagnostic procedure for any other reason we can provide you with early (from 14 wks ) or late ( any stage of pregnancy) amniocentesis using the best available equipment.
When testing for Down syndrome we offer FISH test that gives express results in just 5 days.

Samples are sent to one of our affiliated laboratories for testing.

Nuchal translucency scan
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

It became a gold standard worldwide to perform this scan in the 1st trimester.

It allows us to estimate the risk of the fetus having Down syndrome or other common chromosomal diseases.

Another good opportunity this scan offers is to examine the anatomy of the fetus and to date the pregnancy.

Most of the time it is possible to find out the baby’s sex as well.

The NT scan in our clinic is performed by FMF (UK) certified doctors , using the best equipment.

It is controlled by yearly FMF auditing program.

Fetal morphology scan
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

The most important fetal ultrasound exam is performed at 20-22 weeks.

It includes detailed in-depth anatomy assessment with special emphasis on “soft markers” that may raise the suspicion of chromosomal abnormalities.

At Femiclinic we use the best available US machines, enabling 3D, 4D , HD-live rendering, STIC etc.

Fetal Doppler scan
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

Fetal multi-vessel Doppler assessment is indicated in many high risk pregnancies.

It helps to check materno-fetal circulation and blood supply at different levels using special technique.

It can diagnose fetal growth restriction and pre-eclampsia.

This is the best currently available testing to define the degree of fetal compromise in utero.

In our clinic Doppler assessments are done with the superior ultrasound equipment using so-called HD flow.

Fetal ultrasound
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

Whether a simple fetal well-being check or a detailed morphology assessment our scans are carried out using the best currently available equipment (GE Voluson).

It allows us to obtain extraordinary images of your baby – very close to the real appearance.

Fetal DNA testing
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

We offer one of the most recent breakthrough prenatal testing – free fetal DNA determination.

This test is indicated to those mums-to-be who desire to get accurate diagnosis without being exposed to the invasive procedures like CVS or amniocentesis.

Although expensive , it is extremely accurate and absolutely safe for the fetus. Most often indications – diagnosis of Down syndrome, Trisomy 13 and 18.

t can be also used for fetal blood group determination (in case of Rh neg mother).

Samples are sent to one of our affiliated laboratories for testing.

Fetal infections work-up
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

We provide comprehensive evaluation of congenital fetal infections – from targeted ultrasound assessment to amniocentesis for bacterial/viral testing by PCR technique.

You will be offered advice regarding eventual treatment , follow up and delivery plan.

Samples are sent to one of our affiliated laboratories for testing.

CTG (non-stress test)
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

Cardiotocography is the most widely used evaluation of fetal well-being in pregnancy.

We provide our patients with CTG monitoring in a private and relaxing atmosphere by a high performing machine.

You will be issued a special CTG report following the procedure.

Post natal check-up
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

Post natal check up is very important to ensure proper recovery, discuss breastfeeding issues and family planning.

We usually offer 4-6 weeks post partum visit unless there are special considerations.

At the same time we may plan perineal re-education for those who needs to strengthen perineal muscles tone.

Breastfeeding consultation
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

Breastfeeding advice is offered by our experienced staff.

It helps to improve your skills and enhance the overall experience.

It is particularly important for “first timers” and to those who lack family support. It helps to overcome the problems such as flat nipples, breast engorgement, poor latching etc.

Perineal re-education
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

Very popular in European countries (particularly in France), perineal re-education helps new mothers regain control over their perineal muscles, treat urine incontinence, prevent pelvic organs prolapse and enhance sexual performance.

Despite high number of deliveries Dubai has very little to offer in this regard.

Femiclinic provides a number of procedures (from vaginal cones to bio-feedback and electro-stimulation) targeting pelvic floor muscles.

Antenatal classes
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

Our Professional doctors will help you to prepare for delivery, breastfeeding and baby care.

You can choose between attending the whole course or just the sessions you are most interested in.

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