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Annual gyne check-up / Well woman exam
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

Our patients are provided with routine annual check up including pelvic examination, pap smear, breast ultrasound and basic gyne ultrasound.

If needed we will refer you for the mammogram or to see another specialist.

More comprehensive assessment will include additional tests such as: full blood count, lipid profile, glucose test, stool test etc.

Gynecological scan
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

We perform our gyne scans using 3D rendering and all the newest applications that enhance the images and allow more accurate diagnosis.

You will be provided with structured report and pictures at the end of the examination.

Trans-perineal scan
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

This relatively new technique helps to assess pelvic floor muscles, pelvic organs descent and is used widely in uro-gynecology.

We use our 3D rendering for better quality images that help to put correct diagnosis and choose better treatment.

Saline sonohysterography
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

Available at Femiclinic, this procedure involves infusion of normal saline into uterine cavity during the ultrasound so to improve the view of suspected polyps and fibroids.

It is done in the office and does not require anesthesia.

Breast screening
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

Though a lower sensitivity compared to a mammogram, breast screening using ultrasound impoves detection rates of breast abnormalities.

This procedure is completely safe and is recommended for women below 35 and women with denser breasts.

Apart from Ultrasound screening we also offer routine breast palpation as well as breast-light examination for screening of the benign and malignant breast lesions.

Contraception advice
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

Our specialists are well versed in various family planning methods. From condom to hormone-releasing coil – there is no method that fits everyone.

After thorough assessment you will receive competent advice what suits you best.

Intra-uterine contraceptive device(IUCD)
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

We offer insertion of most popular and renowned IUCD models – conventional (neutral) Copper -T and hormone releasing system (Mirena).

The insertion is done in the office , under local anesthetic.

Cryotherapy for Abnormal Cervical Cell Changes
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

Cryotherapy destroys abnormal tissue on the cervix by freezing it. Normal cells will rejuvenate very quickly whereas the atypical cells will be permanently destroyed.
Cryotherapy is an excellent modality for treatment of mild cervical dysplasia and genital warts.

Femiclinic medical center Dubai

What does it do?: heat + tissue = shrinkage + new collagen

What does it treat?

  • Vulvovaginal laxity resulting from vaginal childbirth and aging process
  • Leaky bladder and overactive bladder
  • Peri and menopausal vulvovaginal atrophy dryness and itching
  • Mild to moderate vulvovaginal prolapse

  • Improves vulval skin lesions as lichen sclerosis and hyperplasic dystrophy
  • Regulate lubrication of the vagina and helps painful sex/dyspareunia/
  • Helps sexual function by improving orgasmic dysfunction
  • Rejuvenates vulva / vagina
  • No anaesthetics, painless, comfortable
  • No down time from work
  • No down time from sexual relation
  • No drugs
  • All adult ages
  • Result immediate significant changes
  • No fibrosis
  • 60% dry at 60 days post treatment for incontinent patients
  • Male partner noted tight 87 % at 4 weeks
Urine incontinence treatment
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

If you have involuntary leak of urine we can help you by defining the type of incontinence and providing you with few treatment options – from pelvic floor muscle re-education to sling surgery.

Aesthetic gynecology
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

Aesthetic gynecology female genital organs ultimately change during life as a result of child birth, ageing, hormone fluctuations, weight fluctuation etc.

It may cause physical discomfort,urine incontinence, diminished sexual enjoyment for both partners and a general feeling of looseness in the area. These changes may also lead to recurrent vaginal and urinary infections. Loss of the important structure called perineal body leads to wrong dynamics during sex and leads to pain rather than pleasure.

Aesthetic gynecology involves few procedures among others aiming to improve the function and appearance of female genitalia:

  • Trimming and re-shaping of the internal labia (labiaplasty)
  • Volumizing the outer labia(dermal fillers and PRP)
  • Tightening and rejuvenating loose vaginal mucosa(surgical and laser correction)
  • Narrowing the wide vaginal entrance(surgery and laser)
  • Reducing hyperpigmentation of external genital area (laser “bleaching”)
Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

Femiclinic offers competent advice on HRT – both – conventional and bio-identical.

We perform comprehensive hormonal assessment that helps to tailor your therapy for the best possible effect.

Our patients outsource bio-HRT from a reliable manufacturer ensuring safety and efficacy.

Gynecological laser
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

Safe, tested and scientifically proven solutions are available for a wide range of gynecological applications, from the simple removal of lesions, to bloodless high-precision cutting. Procedures such as laser removal of HPV lesions from the cervix, condyloma treatments, and various other laser surgeries (e.g. Labiaplasty) can be successfully performed with lasers. Latest progress in laser technology have also led to the development of entirely new, minimally invasive gynecology treatments for urine incontinence and vaginal relaxation syndrome (vaginal laser rejuvenation). Its also used successfully to treat unsightly hyperpigmentation of genital area.

Screening and treatment of STD
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

Our clinic offers comprehensive STD (sexually transmitted diseases) screening using most recent PCR (DNA) technique testing for seven most relevant STDs from single swab.

If result turns to be positive you will be offered appropriate treatment and follow up.

Needless to say – it is always done with high confidentiality.

Cervical cancer screening
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

We provide screening of cervical cancer and pre-cancerous lesions by using the most accurate technique (liquid based cytology).

Knowing the importance of human papilloma virus (HPV) we do offer DNA genotyping determining the exact type of the HPV virus (high- or low- cancerous risk).

We also perform colposcopy (detailed exam of the cervix with biopsy) using high resolution digital colposcope.

Gynecological surgery
Femiclinic medical center Dubai

We perform most of the minor and major gyne surgeries – from traditional open operations to minimally invasive procedures.

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