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Specialist in Homeopathic Medicine


Dr Devinder Kapoor graduated as a rank holder and has a Bachelor’s degree in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery from CMPH Medical College, Mumbai – India. Additionally, she obtained a post-graduation in Homeopathy and Fellowship in Homeopathic Dermatology from MUHS, India. She is DHA licensed as a Specialist in Homeopathic Medicine in the UAE.

She is also certified in Functional Medicine from “The Institute of Functional Medicine” (IFM) in the United States and certified in NAET (Non-invasive allergy elimination technique) from NAET foundation, United States.

Furthermore, she is certified as an Advance Bio-well Energy Scan specialist, proficient in Meridian diagnosis and its relationship with functioning of the body and holds a Diploma in Guasa therapy from Meridian Guasa Foundation – India. She is also certified with an International Diploma in Auriculotherapy.

She started her clinical practice in 2002 in India and then moved to UAE in 2007 and has been in clinical practice since then. With over 20 years of experience specializing in Homeopathic practice, she firmly believes in the holistic nature of homeopathy and its crucial role in achieving overall health. And the solution lies in a Holistic approach addressing the whole person rather than the individual pieces.

Her expertise starts with detecting the root cause of any illness through a thorough medical history from patient, followed by diagnosis with special non-invasive techniques with NLS Health Screening, Bio-resonance, Energy scans to scan each and every organ of the body, identifying problems at a very early stage through areas of physiological stress and disturbed homeostatic balance, also measuring the energy flow of your entire system, stress levels, balance in energy chakras, yin yang balance of each internal organ in the body.

She also emphasizes on functional lab testing which provides deeper insights into the body functions, observing the current state of the body through metabolism, hormones, immune system, and genetics involving DNA testing for gene mutations. This testing may include blood, stool, urine, saliva or hair samples to provide variety of information into the biochemical pathways, detoxification pathways, detecting food sensitivities & intolerance, mould testing, heavy metal testing, neurotransmitter testing and more.

After comprehensive consultation and diagnosis, Dr Kapoor offers a personalized treatment plan with constitutional Homeopathic treatment and other natural treatment modalities to suit individual needs. Homeopathic medicines are prepared from natural sources, very easy to take and without any side-effects. She also includes a Holistic Lifestyle plan and Detoxification methods to enhance faster recovery and promote healing.

Dr Kapoor provides consultations and treatments for individuals of all age groups, from infancy to geriatric, also including pregnant mothers. Her specialties encompass the treatment of both acute and chronic conditions. Her expertise involves treatment of Allergies (skin/respiratory tract/food sensitivities) like Atopic dermatitis/Urticaria/Hives, Eczema, Molluscum, warts, hyper-pigmentation, vitiligo), Gut Health & Digestive system disorders (Indigestion/Acidity/SIBO/IBS), Metabolic diseases (Diabetes/Cardiovascular/Obesity),  Mental health (Anxiety/Panic attacks), behavioral disorders in children (ADHD, Aggression, Defiant, Bed-wetting), developmental disorders (Autism spectrum, Autism), Hormonal imbalances  (Insulin resistance/Thyroid/Adrenal/PCOS/Infertility)

Dr Kapoor loves to travel to different countries, explore new cultures. Meet new people, and gain new experiences. She has a passion for public speaking and continuous learning especially with the new developments in the medical field which is very evident through her achievements and certifications in her profile.

Languages spoken: English, basics of French and Arabic

Dr. Devinder