Dr. Elio Caccialanza

Dr. Elio Caccialanza at femiclinic Dubai

Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Dr Elio Caccialanza is a renowned plastic surgeon who is running his private practice in Lodi, Italy. Graduated with honours in University of Pavia in 1972, since 1975 he enjoyed successful career as a Plastic Surgeon while enriching his teaching experience as professor for numerous courses in Universities of Italy.

He is an author of more than 100 scientific publications on reconstructive surgery.

Dr Elio brings to Dubai his valuable experience in wide range of plastic surgeries and reconstructive procedures as well as his unparalleled “know-how” in outpatient aesthetic treatments such as botox, dermal fillers and PDO threading. Practicing those “quick fix” techniques for more than 25 years makes him very demanded specialist in his field.

Dr Elio believes in thorough assessment for proper choice of procedure, use of high quality materials and prostheses to achieve long lasting and naturally looking results.

Among the services provided by Dr Elio Caccialanza:

  • Out-patient procedures
  • 1. Removal of skin lesions under local anaestesia
  • 2. Botox treatment of hyper hydrosis (excessive sweating)
  • 3. Botox injection for wrinkles
  • 4. Dermal Fillers
  • 5. PDO threading
  • 6. Mesotheraphy
  • 7. Bio-Revitalization (facial rejuvenation)
  • 8. PRP treatment
  • 9. Autologous fat graft (fat injections for face lift)
  • 10. Laser resurfacing and treatment of acne scars.

  • In hospital procedures
  • 1. Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift)
  • 2. Rhinoplasty (nose corrective surgery)
  • 3. Otoplasty (Ear Correction)
  • 4. Arm Lift
  • 5. Brow lift Surgery Fat Transfer
  • 6. Buttock Implants
  • 7. Mammoplasty (Breast Enlargement / Augmentation)
  • 8. Male Breast - Gynecomastia
  • 9. Liposuction
  • 10. Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

Languages spoken: English, Italian, French

For more information contact Femiclinic at 04 454 2640 or email at info@femiclinic.com