Dr. Astrid Schulze

Specialist in Pediatrics

Dr. Astrid Schulze has worked in pediatrics, neonatology and related specialties at teaching and university hospitals in Germany, Denmark, UK and Sweden for more than 25 years and, since 2012 in the UAE.

Dr. Astrid has a holistic and modern approach to children and families. She works in partnership with you parents. All are welcome - children, newborns, infants, children and teens - from birth to age 16 years.

Dr Astrid offers a CHILD CLINIC for healthy children which includes childhood immunization according to national guidelines.

The PEDIATRIC CLINIC is for children with a disease, diagnosis, congenital condition or risk factor and for children where you as parent have a concern, observation or question regarding your child’s physical health, thriving, nutrition, development, learning or behavior.

Dr. Astrid qualified at Göttingen University/Germany. She did her internship in Aarhus/Denmark and Bremen/Germany and worked for some years in Pediatrics and in Child Surgery before she returned to Denmark.

She qualified as Specialist in Pediatrics following Danish/European requirements. She developed a special interest in child development, child neurology and epilepsy and in diagnosing and managing children with genetic conditions, syndromes and birth defects. As complex conditions, they often affect both the child’s physical health, growth, nutrition, development and learning. To further her expertise in this field, she acquired an MSc in Clinical Genetics at the Institute of Child Health, UC London, worked for several years in clinical genetics in Denmark and in Scotland and subspecialized in Child Neurology at Odense University Hospital along European guidelines. Dr. Astrid’s research, publications, lectures and teaching are reflecting these areas of interest.

Dr. Astrid was Consultant in Denmark and Sweden covering general pediatrics, neonatology and child neurology, epilepsy and neurodisability before she came to the UAE in 2012. She worked at a medical center in Dubai and as consultant at a pediatric department in a rural area of the UAE before she joined Femiclinic in autumn 2015.

Dr. Astrid works along national and international guidelines. She regularly attends conferences in the UAE and Europe.

Languages: English, German, Danish and Scandinavian